“Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you.”

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About Maitreya

Maitreya was born in small remote village of India, and raised by a spiritual family. As a child, his family brought him to an Indian master to be initiated. He was profoundly moved when he was introduced to meditation at the age of 13 by his father. As a teenager, Maitreya left everything behind in search of the truth.

Following his many years spent in ashrams in India, Maitreya travels around the world to where longings of seekers manifest and serving takes place from heart to heart, sharing active and passive meditation inspired by Eastern masters.

His teachings are largely influenced by Osho and Sri Ramana Maharashi, as well as other Himalayan masters. He is known for bringing humor, love and insight to his teachings.

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Bali in April 2020

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Active Meditation

Active Meditation uses ancient mindfulness techniques that are suitable for modern people.

Unlike the traditional passive-style meditations, which are nearly impossible for the modern man to do because it requires for complete stillness and presence from the beginning, active meditation uses a combination of body movement, catharsis and breathwork that surrenders participants to a natural and profound stillness. Participants have been moved deeply by these meditations, having unblocked their energy, been relieved of stress, and begun living from an open heart.

This process is wonderful for beginners, and for regular meditators to deepen their practice. No experience is required, just openness to experiment - and whole sky is yours.

Dynamic Meditation with Maitreya

Active meditations include Dynamic, Kundalini, Chakra Breathing,  Third Eye, Sufi and Buddhist Meditations.

Being in the Heart Meditation & Healing

Being in the Heart is a gentle, guided journey to move from business of mind to openness of the delicate heart.

In the modern world, man lives too much in the mind, feels there is no time and space to live from the heart. This is a gentle meditative process that includes sounds, Chakra meditation, singing, visualizations and more to take a break from the mind, and gradually come into the heart center and deepen your connection to the Anahata Chakra.

This sacred journey can prepare to heal yourself and others.

Third Eye Meditation with Maitreya

Being in the Heart meditations include Sound Meditation, Mitta Bhavana (Compassion) Meditation and Healing Ceremony.

Death Meditation

De-Attachment & Letting Go

"Let come what comes, let go what goes, see what remains." 

Sri Ramana Maharashi 

Death Meditation is a gentle, delicate, guided meditation from the teachings of Buddha that uses breathing techniques and visualizations to release the ego and connect to the eternal witness. 

This is a beautiful process using imagination to let go of our misidentifications with the body and mind, allowing us to rest in the self only.  If you find you have difficulty with the art of “letting go”, Death Meditation can be very powerful to help you with this process.

Death Meditation with Maitreya

Death Meditations include Breath Meditation, Visualizations and Witnessing.

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